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st antony

O’ Gracious St. Anthony, we praise you for your great virtues and remarkable humility. 
With the help of Jesus nothing is impossible with you.
So we know that, sickness and death, perils and snares, evils and dangers disappear through your intercession.
You find what is lost, you comfort the afflicted and you help the worst of the sinners to repent.
There is nothing impossible for you O’ dear Saint Anthony.
O’ faithful friend of Baby Jesus please be our support, our patron and our eternal benefactor.
Procure all our needs, both material and spiritual from the Heavenly Father through your kind and powerful intercession,
And more especially, the one we beg of you now ……………………… (Specify the intention here)
O’ most loving and gentle Saint,
We will always proclaim your blessings with a grateful heart.
We command our body and soul, our whole self, and all that we have, to your care.
It is never heard that you have disowned anyone.
Protect us from all dangers.
Help us to face life and its problems with serenity and to live a virtuous life without any taint of sin.
May you be our stronghold, in our moments of temptation.
Give us a loving and generous heart.
Finally we pray to you to give us the readiness of heart
To share all the good that we receive
With our poor and needy brothers and sisters.